Investigating Social Safeness

The 3rd of April was the occasion for presenting to Borgo Mazzini and Casa Albergo residents the map realized putting together the indications provided and discussed during the workshop held in December. This “community map” is intended as a synthesis of places belonging to personal and shared geographies of Borgo Mazzini. Each participant received a copy so that they could observe it independently and have a better view of the details. Feedback was collected and new places were identified and will be added to the final version of the map.

The focus shifted then to the theme of social safeness, which was addressed by adopting a methodology specifically developed for the occasion by the project team, called “Company Bench”. Participants were invited to describe their ideal bench by indicating: where they would like to place it, whom they would like to have at their side and why, and what they would like to talk to this person about. They were then asked what would bother them to the point of bringing them off the bench.

Finally, the ladies were encouraged to place this bench in the Borgo Mazzini area. To this end, small pictures of benches were made available so that each could collocate the bench on her copy of the map. The purpose of the activity was to investigate what contributes to the feeling of well-being, making them feel safe and comfortable, and conversely, what factors are perceived as a potential source of unsafeness and unease. The request to relocate the ideal benches in the area of everyday life permitted to understand in which specific places of this area each of them would place such feelings. Benches will also be added to the final map to enrich it with additional personal elements.

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